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Overall Summary Report:

Interview practicum was a great way of giving us a real world experience. We learned a lot though this assignment. Our interview was scheduled on July 27,2015 from 2:45pm to 3:15pm. We got an opportunity to interview two candidates, Martin Emilio Jaimes and Nikhil Shah. Both the interviewees were really well prepared and the interviews went very smooth.
We worked as a team for preparing the interviewee questions as well as for the resume and interview evaluation templates. Guidelines for selecting interview questions were to keep them generic and not job specific, two behavioural and two situational questions. We both prepared a set of questions and then finalized four for the final assignment.
Our first interviewee was Martin, he arrived on time and was dressed professionally. His attitude was genuinely winning and engaging. He was very confident in his speech and showed his professionalism through proper business attire, good eye contact, and a strong handshake. Martin was able to answer all the questions he was asked with clarity and proper understanding. His answers were close to the most preferred responses. His responses were elaborate and he gave very interesting and relevant examples to support his answers. Language was a barrier but he took his time and carefully formulated his sentences. He was very calm through out the entire interview and also had questions for the interview panel at the end, which indicates that he was serious about the interview and had prepared in advance. Overall Martin was a very well prepared candidate who not only displayed confidence but also leadership qualities with really good communication and organizational skills. Martin has a high possibility of getting hired after the first interview as he has everything we were looking for in a candidate.
Our second interview candidate was Nikhil Shah, he also arrived on time and was dressed appropriately. His first impression was quite positive as he introduced himself very confidently and had a very good command over English language. His responses to the interview questions were average as his answers were not organized and he repeated one example