Changes From Different Eras

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1a. Several group identities were involved in the change from different eras. Some of these changes from the different eras were the following: The Spanish, French, and Dutch colonies accepted intermarriage and cross-racial sexual unions with native peoples or Africans; however, the English colonies rarely intermarried.
The New England colonies seeked to establish a community of like-minded religious believers, with a close-knit society.
Spanish colonizing efforts in North America saw an accommodation with some aspects of American Indian culture; by contrast, conflict with American Indians tended to reinforce English colonists’ views on land and gender roles.
Religious persecution slowly changed into having religious tolerance, especially in religions like Catholicism, Judaism, and Methodism.
2a. Changes have affected American society from colonial times to the present day by creating more job opportunities, better means of communication, and by providing easier ways and sources to help survive/ make life less difficult than colonial times. Greater developments/evolvement have been made since the French and Dutch used trade alliances and intermarriage with American Indians to acquire products for export to Europe. It also includes how the middle colonies supported a flourishing export economy based on cereal crops, while the Chesapeake colonies and North Carolina relied on the cultivation of tobacco. The growth of the Atlantic economy created a shared labor market and a wide exchange of New World And European goods as well. This all turned out to be reliable sources that we use today, just like how rice and sugar are still being used.
2b. Different labor systems have developed because it was based on what was acceptable in British North America and the United States. Gender roles and racial hierarchy have affected the labor systems. Colonies along the southernmost Atlantic coast and the British islands in the West Indies took advantage of long growing seasons by using slave labor to develop economics. This affected U.S. society by creating an emergence of racial stereotyping and the development of strict racial categories. A shortage of indentured servants, the lack of an effective means to enslave native peoples, and the growing European demand for colonial goods led to the emergence of the African slave trade. The different labor systems were created out of convenience, what seemed to be available to take advantage of, and how much control people have over resources and people.
3a. People have migrated to, from, and within North America to pursue a better life, escape from persecution, find better means to gain wealth, live in prosperity, family, and many more reasons for it. Spain for example, migrated in search to establish tight control over the process of colonization in the Western Hemisphere and to covert and/or exploit the native population. Some colonial citizens migrated because European leaders diverged from them, which lead to growing mistrust. Migration could of been forced onto some people whether it’s because of territorial settlements or because of the spread of disease. All the reasons are for a means of survival or trying to make their lives less painful.
3b. Changes in migration and population