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Forrest’s Strategies to
Overcome Adversity


One of Forrest’s main strategies for
overcoming these adversities was
mainly running. That is what he was
told to do so he just ran, he may not
of been the brightest kids but he
could run. He was told by the one
who he loved dearly to run from when
he was a kid, to a grown man still
running from his problems.


Since he was brought up by learning
to run away from his problems, he
thought it was normal to run away
instead of facing them.


Forrest Gump’s Problems

Forrest Gump is an unique child who
faces problems like every other kid
but also faces different adversity's
because of his intellectual
disabilities. Forrest's disability is that
his development has been delayed
until he turned around the age of 8.
The hardships that he had went
through was being bullied growing
up for having braces on his feet
which stopped him from running
properly like everyone else and also
being different mentally. Forrest was
also abandoned by his one and only
friend Jenny Curran (his one and only

Overcoming AdversityForrest Gump

“Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you are
going to get”.

What Forrest Learns

Even though running away from your
problems isn't the best idea, it worked
for Forrest who escaped from being
bullied by kids, teenager, running from
war and also after being abandoned by
his true love he went for a run for 3
years. Just because he didn't know
what to do but run.


What I learnt


What I learnt is to never run away from
my problems and I to take it by the
horns and solve it then and there and
not wait for them to just stop. I also
learnt that no matter what scenario you
are in, just be happy and calm and you
will get through this because
sometimes we may be studying for a
test and