Overcoming Challenges In My Life

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My names Melissa I am a senior at Rolling Meadows High School. Since the beginning of my life I always had to overcome challenges. When I was born I was 7 weeks early and I was a preemie. My doctors told my parents that I was going to die and if a slight bit I would have lived I would have Cerebral palsy.
For the first 1 months of my life neonatal intensive care unit with my two nurses Peggy and Jane. When I was first born I have a grade one intraventical brain bleed on one side of my head and a grade two Intraventical brain bleed on the other side. The doctors told my parents that this could effect my movement and not my learning. I went through Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy for several months. The doctors were
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When I switched into Dryden elementary I was pulled into special education classes mostly for math and reading. I remember how I always felt being pulled out into these classes made me feel like I was not smart as everyone else around me. When we switched into middle school I told myself that I would work my best and get myself out of special education classes and have my grades reflect how much I been pushing myself in school. Challenges did not stop there yes classes and grades where what I struggle with but I was also made fun of for the 3 years in middle school because I spent time with kids who also had certain disability just like I did, my feelings when hurt then because people name calling because of my choices and learning disability. When high school began I was ready for new things along with more challenges to be faced. Classes got harder and my levels were going up I was pushing myself for better …show more content…
I'm glad for who I am and how I see the world by how a child may have a disability but they are no different then another student sitting in a classroom who does not have one. I have overcome so many because I strive in getting things done and when I do that I feel happy for what I do. I would have not changed a thing. I push myself so much in school because I want to have a bright future. The person who inspired me would have to be my mom. She has been there since the beginning. She saw my highs and my lows with all the challenges that came upon me throughout my life and school years. School was never easy for me and she knew that, with all my decisions on how much I pushed myself or an activity I wanted to participate it she backed me up for all of it. She cares a lot about my grades just like I do. If there is a grade that i was too worried to see what I got I always knew she was looking at it. She has supported me ever since I started school. She was there for every school event, concert, or performance she did not care how much she had to travel to see me on stage because as much as I love being on stage she loves seeing me do what I like to do also. I am so glad I have her as a mother and I know for a 100% she will always be there for me whenever I need