Overcoming Obstacles In A Short Story

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In the stories they both have a common theme. Which is overcoming obstacles, and they both are different to. I say that because they both have different goals. For example in making Sarah Cry the goal was for everyone feel like they fit in, and to not bully. Then on the other hand you have Susan B Anthony Dares To Vote which the goal for that story is to make sure women have rights.

Even though Susan could not vote she did not let that stop her. When she was feed with $100 she took that as a challenge then said “ I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty.”. That quote is important because though they feed her she stood up for what she believed in, and didn’t give up. Also when everyone was saying stuff like she was “ undermining homes,and the purity of womanhood.” That is also important because she kept going even though the majority of people didn’t like what she was
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In Making Sarah Cry the theme is overcoming obstacles because both the main character and Sarah are both experiencing bullying problems. For example when when the boy got hurt riding his bicycle the kids at school made fun of him. That shows overcoming obstacles because at the end he realizes that he is fine the way he is. Also the theme is overcoming obstacles because when sarah was getting