Overcoming Obstacles In Jackie Robinson's Life

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Jackie Robinson is best known for the courageous role he played in the integration of Major League Baseball in 1947. In fact, Jackie Robinson exhibited courage and humanitarianism on many fronts overcoming unforeseen barriers and challenges which impacted our entire social fabric. What kinds of obstacles have you overcome? What can young people learn and take away from a study of the life of Jackie Robinson? One obstacle in my life that I have had to overcome is the death of my grandmother. She one the person who cared for me since my twin sister and I were babies and my mother had to go back to work. We spent almost everyday together until I was in kindergarten, and when I went to school my sister and I would go to her house after school everyday until the end of middle school. I was very close to her growing up and she would always teach my cousins and I a new skill every summer, she was very crafty and taught me everything I know about …show more content…
I believe that the most pressing global issue that we face today is climate change. It is the most significant to me because not everyone believes that it is happening. The world is reaching record high temperatures every day, and there are people who just do not see what happening right in front of them.
This is also a dangerous situation because people in leadership positions that don't believe in this problem are not going to do anything about it until it is too late. Recently in the United States, people who hold office positions show that they do not believe in climate change. The new president does not see climate change as a problem, so in return he has appointed like minded people to government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA nominee Scott Pruitt's stance on climate is exceptionally different than the beliefs of previous leaders. The more people put in positions that don’t believe in the problem will not move to fix