Overcoming Obstacles That Changed My Life

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Through my life, I have encountered many different obstacles that have helped shape me and each one has taught me different lessons in order to make myself a better person. Through the experiences in my life I have been able to learn things that would have been essential to survive in my adult life and if I had learned them later in my life I would have really struggled and put myself in situations with higher stakes than when I actually learned them.
One of the obstacles I overcame exceeding even my own expectations with great success was my freshman year I wanted to try out for the school’s shot-put team and I wasn’t able to make the cut. At first, before I had opened my eyes up to the opportunity that being cut presented me I was just angry I felt cheated because I felt like I owned the spot on that team. I walked into those tryouts thinking that I was already on the team, that was my mistake. I didn’t put my best effort
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Being cut from the team showed me that I can never show up to somewhere like a try out for a sport and expect to just get the spot over everyone who has actually worked for the spot they are fighting for, learning this lesson could have happened in a situation that had much higher stakes such as a job interview where it's my financial livelihood that depends on how I do at a job interview and how seriously I take that interview. I also learned that hard work and the willingness to grind for the opportunities that are presented will always yield a better outcome than if I was just to rely on my talent or skill