Essay on Overdraft: United States Public Debt and National Debt

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Overdraft is an interesting name for this film. This film is taking a look at the national debt of the United States and its ability to borrow and comparing it to an “overdraft” of a bank account. I don’t know if that is the correct representation, I would suspect “over loaned” or “stop borrowing money” might be a more appropriate title but that’s why Travelers pays people big money to come up with titles. More importantly the second part of the title “A nonpartisan look at the national debt” is a bit of a misnomer. From the people presented during the presentation and the speakers after the presentation it did not seem to be a “nonpartisan” presentation of the subject matter. Much of the information was presented purely from a financial perspective and our government does not operate under the same guidelines as business. There are moral and ethical implications as well as different motivations and priorities that are represented by our representative government. Many of these conflicting priorities and motivations have much to do with the current deficit and debt and how they are addressed and who will sacrifice should have been addressed more in the film. The film went into great detail about the implications of the debt and the deficits but I believe it did not give much context to the how we got into the deficits and debts in the first place and who was responsible for those that were working within the government. It also doesn’t take into account the financial