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Imagine that we had a greater number of reciters in the West who could just blow you away with their beautiful recitation. What if you were one of them? At, we take to heart the Prophet’s (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) command to beautify our recitation, and we believe that the power and majesty of the recited Quran is an amazing miracle that Allah has given to our Ummah. Unfortunately, for the most part, our tradition of Quranic recitation has been lost in the West. Whereas we have many shuyookh and du’at, we have very few top-notch Qurra who can touch our hearts with their beautiful recitation. We intend to revitalize this tradition by training and developing Qurra in the arts of recitation. Alhamdulillah there are now many teachers and programs spreading knowledge of correct recitation (tajweed) here in the West. So we’ve chosen to focus our efforts on helping students take their recitation to the next level, by offering voice and tune training for Quranic recitation, so that they can effectively deliver Allah’s message to our hearts. Simply put, we help you learn how to recite beautifully. Idrees Ally from Toronto, Canada, is the founder of, and is a reciter and teacher of the Quran who is passionate about the art of recitation. He has been studying tajweed both formally and informally for several years and by the grace of Allah, has benefited from some of the experts in this field, including Shaykh Talal Ahdab from Toronto, Shaykh Abdullah Siraj from Egypt, Shaykh Uthman Khan from Toronto, and Shaykh Mohamed Umer Esmail from Texas. He also has training in the study of the ten qiraa’aat. He holds an Ijazah in the Riwaayah of Hafs ‘an Aasim from Shaykh Mohamed Umer Esmail.

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SECTION 1 You are a Qari

Why recite in tune? “Just practice, you know?” Reciting is not singing Three tips to get more out of your recitation

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SECTION 2 Essential Concepts Relating to Voice & Recitation

There’s the science, then there’s the art Tajweed tips Maqamat – tunes for the soul Should I learn the maqamat? Talking about sound – pitch, tune, rhythm Tune vs. tone Beautify your recitation, but...

SECTION 3 Tips & Techniques to Recite Beautifully

Breath control What should I eat and drink? Proper articulation and voice projection Eliminating vocal tension, nasality, and breathiness Warming up Training your ear Practice tips

SECTION 4 Putting it all in perspective

The rights of the Quran Recite your best


This is the story of a pious young man who, after many years of persisting in dua, saw a stunning dream where an angel came to him and taught him the Seven Principles of Beautiful Recitation. At first when he awoke, he passed it off as just another strange dream, until he sat down to recite the Quran, and realized that just overnight... Yeah, right. Who are we kidding here? We both know there’s no short list of tips, no Seven Principles, or no blue pill that will magically transform your voice overnight. So if that’s what you’re looking for, allow me to save you some time by telling you to go look elsewhere. However, if you’re willing to put in some time and effort, there are many things you can learn that will help you beautify your voice and take your recitation to new heights. In this book, I will break down the art of beautiful recitation of the Quran and help you get started on your own journey towards a beautiful recitation. You will learn: • Tajweed tips to help bring greater clarity to your recitation • The basics of the tune patterns used in Quranic recitation • How to warm up and exercise your voice to keep it ready for recitation • How to improve the sound and quality of your voice • How to breathe properly and hold your breath for those really