Overseas Chinese and Railroad Essays

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The title of the project is “Transcontinental Railroad “. The information that we have researched about the history topic is that the track for the railroad started to be laid in 1863 in Omaha. The railroad was off to a slow start because of a lack of money and the Civil War was in progress. The building of the railroad did not start to flourish until 1866. Also work on the railroad was continuing until silver was discovered in Nevada in 1865. A lot of the white workers left the railroad to search for silver. As a result of the white workers leaving, Charles started to hire Chinese immigrants to help build the rest of the railroad. When the Chinese started working on the railroad they faced a lot of prejudice comments. The Chinese could not become citizens, vote, own property, be a witness in court and were forced to live in certain parts of town. Most whites felt as though the Chinese were stealing the jobs away from them. The Chinese endured long hours, usually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The men who worked on the railroad were paid $35.00 a month plus room and board and the Chinese were paid $25.00 a month, but paid for their own supplies. The Transcontinental Railroad revolutionized the way the US would live. Not only did the Transcontinental Railroad revolutionized the way the US live, it also was an historical adventure that linked the East and West Coasts of our nation. The construction of the railroad to the Pacific represented, if not a turning point in the country's history, at least an obvious sign that major changes were in progress. The railroad connects a moment when the West had been a mainly unharmed wilderness to a time of concentrated agriculture and supply removal. Early capitalism becomes industrial capitalism. An age of narrow government opens to one of the federal government that expands into business as both a supporter and a regulator. Quite clearly, the America