Overspending In Health Care Essay

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One of the most severe issues in healthcare is the issue of overspending in health care. In the U.S, we spend the most money per capita on healthcare. However, are healthcare system is extremely flawed and is just average when compared worldwide. A country that spends the most by far in healthcare, should not be average in healthcare rankings. The issue with our healthcare system is that we spend money in the wrong areas. Most of the money spent in the US healthcare system is on hospital and prescriptions. My proposed plan may never become enforced, but is a practical plan that would help lower spending and increase the quality of healthcare in the U.S The money that we spend on healthcare and prescription drugs can be greatly deduced by putting more emphasis on preventative care. Preventative care would include an increase in family doctors. Spending more on family doctors would allow for many health problems to be detected before severe and …show more content…
This is often because they lack health insurance or have very limited insurance. Providing healthcare that is affordable and mandatory is necessary to lower the spending on expensive healthcare options. Having all citizens insured will allow for people to receive viable healthcare and allow for preventative care to work. However, preventative care must be enforced. Since the health insurance will be affordable, people will be able to get yearly check-ups. In a way, making yearly check-ups part of the way you renew your insurance will make sure that all citizens have insurance and are benefitting from the yearly visits to the doctor. The idea of making insurance and yearly check-ups mandatory might seem harsh, but preventative care must be seen as a priority. However, if people are properly educated about health and basic healthcare at a high school or middle school age, their will be compliance and not a sense of dreading a yearly visit to the