Overuse Of Medical Care

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Summary section:

This book discusses the problem of the inefficient healthcare and tries to aware us about the overuse of medical care and how to prevent it, through narratives of people who had their own stories with unnecessary care and through healthcare experts’ advice.

Americans are the “Ultimate consumers”; the advertisements try to encourage us to be more consume, and make us believe that more is always better. Recently the unnecessary care becomes more widespread in modern American healthcare, and that is what the author called
“overuse” of medical care.

The mixture of money and our believing in the power of modern medical care are the main reason to make “The green monster” being a part of the medical system. It changes the medicine from the best meaningful in our life to just a monetary motivation behind more bucks
.However no one can deny the importance of more medical care for the people who really need it. So, what exactly is “overuse”? Overuse observes when unnecessary treatment has performed and there is no certain potential benefit .the health statistics shows that a high percentage of people receive medical procedures they don’t need and Mr. Goode’s story is a good prove for those statistics. Mr. Goode was a patient who had prepared for total knee replacement surgery. He had coronary disease and the surgery was risky, even though his doctor let the surgery go forward. The surgery was just unnecessary for him, it also affected on his life. Mr.
Goode died from heart attack, because some doctors do not care about the “everyday people” and they care more about the “ Green monster” which is money. Honestly there are conscientious doctors try to make the medical care in places of peace and hope and they believe helping people to get better is the greatest job.

Nowadays Americans have millions of the primary or secondary surgeries every year. However in the past days the surgeries were the last horrible option to performed, and all without anesthesia. Later the first surgery administrated the anesthetic was for a patient who had a tumor in his jaw.

After performed surgery without pain, the next step was to decrease from the importance of clean antiseptic place and reduce the effect from the infections after the surgeon producers as they accrued of the death of the half of the patients after their surgeries because of the germs were in the hospital’s equipments which the doctors used without antiseptics and sterling it.

Now the United States in a surpassing time in the progress of the medical care; the surgeries perform without a human intervention, just a robots can do the all mission. There are surgeries perform on the fetus before the childbirth to prevent the disfiguration. That is