Overview: Apple Inc. and Samsung Essay

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Apple and Samsung are currently involved in the high stakes patents dispute. The titans are involved in the battle that aims to take off each other’s product off the shelve, where billions of dollar are on the line.
Round 1: Winner: Apple
The first lawsuit was filed in April 2012, Apple v. Samsung saga, where Apple accused Samsung of “slavishly” imitating the iPad and iPhone. In response, Samsung countersued Apple accused “the Cupertino Company” for infringement of the software patents. The California jury, in August 2012 recommended an award of more than $ 1 Billion for the damages and found Samsung’s infringement of the most of the patents including the software features and the design of the hardware. However, the U.S. district judge reduced the damage amount due to an error in determining the damages from of $ 1 Billion to more than $450 million.
Round 2: Winner: Samsung
Samsung (The Korean Company) sued Apple in June 2011, in a special court.
Samsung accused Apple that the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 violated the patents of the Korean Company.
In June 2013, The ITC (International Trade Commission) has ruled in favor of Samsung and said that Apple’s questioned phones cannot be sold in the US. However, the law of ITC requires the exclusion order to be send to the president for review of 60 days and President Obama vetoed the ITC ruling.

Round 3: Winner: Apple
Just a week after the Samsung’s alleged accused of Apple in the ITC, Apple has countersued Samsung on the basis of some patent infringements, which also includes the hardware design of the iPhone.
The ITC that ended in the favor of Samsung in the previous case, made a preliminary ruling in the favor of Apple.
Round 4:
Apple has filed another lawsuit against Samsung in February 2012, for the utility patents infringement in its newer products.
Samsung countersued Apple again accusing that “ all generations” of the iPad and iPhone Infringe on its own patents. Apple has added the new Samsung’s product to its infringing lists that were released on the market.
Round 5: Winner: Samsung
On June 4, 2013, Samsung won a limited prohibition from the United States. International Trade Commission on sales of certain Apple products after the commission found Apple had violated a Samsung patent,[8] but this was vetoed by…