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950 Sixth St East
9th Ave and Sixth St East
Owen Sound, ON N4K 1H1 CA

Owen Sound: Greenwood Cemetery & Mausoleum
190 1st Street SW | | Year Built: 1927
Greenwood Cemetery, surrounded by tall stately maples and cedar hedges, is situated atop a wooded ravine at the City’s south west corner. The site contains a residence, one of the oldest homes in the City, now used as the office. A Mausoleum built in 1927 is clad in Indiana Limestone with Italian marble interior and impressive stained glass windows. Only cemetery in Canada to contain 3 Victoria Cross recipients.
Guided Walking Tours:
Saturday: 11 am & 2 pm
Sunday: 11 am & 2 pm * Web Site * Heritage Property Profile * Google Map for Greenwood Cemetery & Mausoleum | | Inglis Falls
237785 Inglis Falls Road, Georgian Bluffs | | Year Built: 1862
Situated on the outskirts of Owen Sound in the heart of Inglis Falls Conservation Area, the Sydenham River cascades 18 metres over the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. See remains of former water flume, grinding stones and stone building, part of a grist, saw and woollen mill complex. Take advantage of the opportunity to view the Inglis Falls Filtration Plant, part of Trails Open. These unique underground caverns were built in 1910. All the water was filtered here and then gravity fed into the valley for the residents to use in their homes. The filtration beds were decommissioned in 1969. Meet us at the pavilion for your guided tour. | | Tom Thomson Art Gallery
840 1st Avenue West | | Year Built: 1988
This Gallery houses a nationally significant collection of Thomson’s works and is the only gallery designated as a Thomson memorial. Thomson, who grew up near Owen Sound, and the Group of Seven had a distinctive approach to portraying Canadian landscape in the early 20th century. Visit the gallery and celebrate Thomson’s legacy.
Tour Hours:
Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday: Noon to 4 pm | |
Harrison Park Trail System
75 2nd Avenue East | | Year Built: 1912
This elaborate collection of trails, located within the largest park in the City of Owen Sound, includes: Fitness Trail (1.2 km), Mile Drive (.8 km), Freedom Trail (600 m), Weaver's Creek Trail/Boardwalk (150 m) and a number of small secondary trails. This trail network includes some fully accessible routes.
Guided Hikes:
Saturday: 11 am & 2 pm
Sunday: 11 am & 2 pm花瓶岛: | |
St. Edmunds Township Museum
The Museum is located south of Tobermory Harbour on the East side of Highway #6, just north of the crossroads of Warner Bay Road on the West and Little Cove Road on the East.
Craigie's Harbour View Restaurant * Address: On The Harbour * Postal Code: N0H 2R0 * Town: Tobermory * Phone: 519-536-2395 * Hours: 6am to 9pm Daily
4 Bay Street
Northern Bruce Peninsula, ONN0H2R0

12:00-1:00吃中饭(当地最特色的烤大白鱼WHITE FISH,香死个人儿啊!)
1:30可以乘坐玻璃底船看沉船,上岛-FLOWERPOT徒步 HIKING
4:00左右回来,最晚一班是6:00,CHECK IN Motel
(本地MOTEL都是下午2:00之后CHECK IN)
7:00 放下行李后,再去吃一顿大白鱼(实在太好吃了),如果不喜欢还有牛肉和其他的晚餐可以选择
9:00 只有国庆节当天会有烟火表演


这里在Fathom Five的水域内,分布有近30个沉船遗迹,还有水下森林,洞穴等,是潜水爱好者的圣地。我们行前计划连潜水点都选好了,属于适合beginner的那种,就是不知道需要license。有license的一定不要错过。

位于Little Tub街口的Divers Den经营潜水项目。不同潜水点,价格也不相同。一般来说,单瓶氧气瓶价格在35元左右。
妥协的做法是玩Snoerkling,就是带一个管子伸出水面,人在水下游水或是行走的那种。G&S Water-sports商店里可以租到服装和设备,价格在$35/天左右。

2. Sea Kayaking
在Little Tub街口的Thorncrest Outfitters公司。

设备出租按天计,Solo Sea Kayak(单人艇)每天40元,Tandem Sea Kayak(双人)每天50元。他们还提供Kayak运送服务,可以将艇只运到你指定的地点,之后再运回。这种运送服务每只艇收费20元。当然,想省钱也可以自己搬运。