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Assignment #1: Finding the Leader in You: Self-Assessment / Johari Window
Strayer University
BUS 520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Dr. Evangeline Jefferson
April 27, 2014

Assignment 1: Finding the Leader in you: Assessment / Johari Window
Upon completion of my self-assessment, I have developed a profile of my personality characteristics based on assessment results. This essay summarizes my results with analysis of attributes that address my career choice as a leader in management. My self-assessment also includes learning of the Johari Window in my leadership practices. My career choice has been enhanced with understanding of management issues, styles and practices. I have reviewed what it takes to be a Twenty First Century manager, leadership styles, intuitive ability, conflict management strategies, time management profile, organizational design preference and cultural learning.
A Twenty-First Century Manager
The assessment determines competencies and profile of managers. My PMF score is 7, which means there are areas in management I need to develop. One area I can develop to improve my success is that of managerial skills. They include resistance to stress, tolerance of uncertainty, social objectivity, inner work standards, stamina, adaptability, self-confidence, introspection and entrepreneurism. I will continually strengthen these managerial traits in my leadership practices by attending workshops and continuing education.
Leadership Style
In completing the leadership style questionnaire, I have learned about beliefs and perceptions of leadership that are important. My transformational leadership score is 23 and my transactional leadership style is 9. I am comfortable with transformational leadership because it has qualities that inspire vision and desire for extraordinary accomplishment of followers.
Intuitive Ability
My intuitive ability score is 6. My interpretation is, I am at a mid-point when it comes to intuition. These analytical strategies that reinforce intuition help in the development of decision making techniques, ability to work on projects, preferences of work, worker relation, problem-solving, planning and dealing with crisis and conflict.
Conflict Management strategies
My conflict management scores are:
Yielding Tendency 12
Compromising Tendency 20
Forcing Tendency 20
Problem-Solving Tendency 20
Avoiding Tendency 16
I have learned the definition of conflict includes having incompatible goals and a plan to produce a satisfactory state of affairs. I am glad my score has compromising and problem-solving tendencies which will aid in the management of difficult situations.
Time Management Profile
My time management profile score is 7, meaning there is room for growth. I need to adjust my time management behavior for maximum and effective use of my time. The learning is to control my time and life and to effectively manage my time.
Organizational Design Preference
My organizational design preference is 70. I value a mechanistic design as a preference that is important in the workplace. My preferences are having work preferences