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Rudis Rivera
English 10/period:5
A Chapter from my Autobiography
It all started like any other saturday but everything change when my dad call my mother to tell her that we will be moving to united states as soon posible. I stayed in shock when my mom told me what my father had told her . I was thirteen years all I did not what to say or if was the right choose they had make for my whole family. The next day I remember I told my mother I did not want to leave my home country I had all my friends and some close family that i would miss lot. She told me that i had no choose I had to travel with her even if I liked or not. It was very hard to move to united states for me I was young and when i get to U.S it was like in november winter was staring I came from a tropical climate the whole year. I had to get used to new climate verry different for me it took me while to get used now I enjoy every climate change. Also had to start making new friend but that was thes less important because is alittle easy some times.The hardest things was the School everything was so different sbeginning with the language and rules I still working in my English and is not even close to be perfect but one day it will.
Now i am here I thanks my dad brought me and now is time for me to pay him back what he did for my and study hard to get my degree. i now im not very smart but i will work hard to geted because I know is my dad big dream to see me