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Our Field Trip
Jodi Henley

Brief Description
We are taking a trip to Oxbow Meadows on Thursday August 29th with my freshman learning community class. Oxbow Meadows is an environmental learning center in Columbus, Georgia. It can be described as an animal museum with reptiles like alligators and turtles along with other plants and animals. The center provides many different ways to show all the different types of ecosystems in the area. Here at the learning center I can have birthday parties, adopt-a-critter, and do several other things. It is a great place to go to, to learn about plants and animals because they have all there is to offer.
Pre-Event Expectations
When I go here I expect to learn about all the different types of environments around the area. I plan to see the different animals and plants and the best place to find them. I have never been to a place like this before. I have lived on a plantation my whole life so I kind of have a general idea of all the different reptiles and plants. I have never really interested in going somewhere like this before. Hopefully it will be worth the trip.
Event Experience
The event at Oxbow Meadows as a very good learning experience. When the speaker came out with all the different animals, it kind of scared me. The turtles were my favorite. Female turtles grow bigger than male turtles because they have to take care of their babies and provide more than a male turtle can. The slider turtle has no teeth but it has a strong beak that it can bite with. Athena, the python, gets fed two whole rabbits for each meal. Alligators grow normally about a foot a year and the strips on their body help them hide in the grass, but as they get older they lose their strips. We did an activity to realize that the water cycle is not the same every single time. Every child learns that it goes up in evaporation, forms a cloud on condensation and falls down in precipitation, but what they does not realize is it can come down as snow and go to ground water, or it can fall as rain and go to the ocean. There are many different destinations and ways that it can all happen.
Event Analysis
In the fifth grade was when I first learned about the