Oxford Plastics Company Essay

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De La Salle University Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business Management and Organization Department

Case Analysis No. 5 Oxford Plastics Company
Management Principles and Dynamics Mr. Raymund Habaradas 3st Term, S.Y. 2011-2012

Group 2 Balinas, Diberjohn Carigara, Llany Lopez, Annie Santiago, Kristoffer Villapando, Leizl

12 March 2012

Case Analysis No. 5: Oxford Plastic Company. -The Power of Two.


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Synthesis Point of view Statement of the problem

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IV. Statement of objectives V. Areas for Considerations

VI. Alternative courses of action VII. Recommendation VIII. Implementation plan IX. Learning points X. Reference

Case Analysis No. 5:
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3. Cost-benefit analysis – This uses a comparison of what alternative will cost in relation to the expected benefits. At a minimum, the benefits of an alternative should be greater than its costs. This context will aid in identifying if a decision is reasonable and will yield positive impact. 4. Force-field analysis – This involves consideration of forces driving in support of a planned change and forces resisting the change. This technique will help strengthen the forces the support a decision and, at the same time, be able to identify and reduce the sources and effects of resistance to it.

Case Analysis No. 5: Oxford Plastic Company. -The Power of Two.


o Phase 1: Unfreezing  Establishing a good relationship with the people involved  Helping others realize that present behaviors are not effective  Minimizing expressed resistance to change o Phase 2: Changing  Identifying new, more effective ways of behaving  Choosing changes in tasks, people, culture, technology, structures  Taking action to put these changes into place o Phase 3: Refreezing  Creating acceptance and continuity for the new behaviors  Providing any necessary resource support  Using performance-contingent rewards and positive reinforcement Table 1. Force Field Analysis of Oxford’s plan to construct color lab and paint shop Driving Forces Plan Resisting Forces  Economic growth of Beatty (+1) Oxford to construct a state-of-  Environmental impact (+2) 