Essay on Oxygen and Hydrosphere

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Chapter 1 Section 1 . What Technological advances led to the rise of earth system science? Satellites such as Landsat . What is a system? A system is a kind of model , System can be defined as a part of the universe that can be studied separately. Compare and contrast an open system and ans a closed system use a Venn diagram. A closed jar of tea exchanges only energy with its surroundings, A open jar of tea exchanges both energy and matter with its surrounds, They both have Energy in from Sun and Energy out out of the jar. Why do scientists consider earth an essentially closed system? Because earth receives radiant energy from the sun and reflects much of it back in to space. Critical thinking : As the human population expands what might be some of the most important issues policymakers face ? School Recycling Science Earth system.

Chapter 1 Section 2. 1.What is the atmosphere? The gaseous envelope surrounding earth. 2. Is the geosphere static and unchanging? Includes the ocean basins ans the rock layers beneath your feet, 3.Which features on earth make up the hydrosphere? Water locked in ice in snow at the poles and high mountainous Water in ocean lakes and rivers and underwriter, 4. Name two ways in witch human beings affect the atmosphere geosphere or hydrosphere. Atmosphere we breath oxygen and Hydrosphere we drink bath and “Ect” 5Critical thinking : How might an increase in rainfall in