Oxygen and Matter Essay

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Characteristics of Matter: * What is Chemistry? (1 A) * Properties, composition and behaviour of matter (1 B) * Classification of substances – solid, liquid or gas (1 C) * Properties of solids, liquids and gases (1 D) * Kinetic Molecular Theory (1 E) * Motions of particles in solids, liquids and gases (1 F)

(2) Ionic and Covalent Compounds (including Acids and Bases): * Use periodic table to be able to name ionic compounds and write their formulas (2 A) * Given the formula of an ionic compound be able to write the name (2 B) * Names and formulas for acids and bases (2 C) * Names and formulas for covalent compounds. (using prefixes) (2 D)

1A. What is the branch of science which deals with identification of substance s of which matter is composed? --Chemistry What is the branch of science which deals with properties of matter, its composition and behaviour of matter? --Chemistry
1B. What is the property of matter that includes texture, melting point and freezing point of a substance? --physical property State the two properties of matter that determines its states? --temperature and pressure
1C. Classify each of the following substances as solid, liquid, or gas.
(a) Gold
(b) Water
(c) Helium
(d) Alcohol
(e). Salt

-- (a) solid, (b) liquid, (c) gas, (d) liquid, (e) solid
1D. What is the state of matter that is a compressible fluid and conform the shape of its container? --gas What is the state of matter that the particles are packed closely together? --solid
1E. A theory which states that matter in all states are in vigorous motion. What theory is it? --Kinetic molecular theory Give at least one part of Kinetic Molecular Theory. --All particles are in random motion
--all collisions are elastic
--small, hard sphere with insignificant volume

1F. What is the state of matter in which the molecules vibrate in the same position with very limited motion? --solid