Oxygen and Plants Essay

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Money, cars, televisions are things that people have but they think they “need” more. Most people overlook the smaller things that allow us to be able to acquire those things we so much desire that we think “need”. Plants give us many medicines, produce oxygen, and even help the environment by preserving the soil. Many plants that have been known with the right extracts were found by ancient civilizations. The extracts from plats help reduce aches and pain. Aspirin is actually found in the leaves of willows. Another example is the periwinkle plant that effectively fights leukemia. One-fourth of all prescriptions came from a plant. Vitamins come from plants too. Medicine is very important to us; essentially plants are vital to us. Besides allowing us to have medical research and medicines, plants also make oxygen. Obviously, we need oxygen to breath. Oxygen is a byproduct of photosynthesis. A necessity, breathing, of living comes from little things on the ground that we step on; that makes you think! Plants aren’t only vital to humans, they are the environment too. Plants help preserve soil by giving it nutrients. Especially in a forest or prairie, the roots of plants hold the soil together which reduces erosion. Even when plants die they decompose and make the soil richer. A plants job is never done! I have heard about photosynthesis and botany before, but I never realized how vital they are to me and the world. It’s hard to wrap your mind around the thought of