Ozone Depletion and Green House Essay

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Yes, I strongly believe that we need to extend the origin definition of “SUSTAINIBILITY” to cover the principle of inter-generational equity because if we just think about our generation and making designs to achieve our goals there may be some problems for the coming generation i.e. environment related problems or problems of dumping waste created by some processes like nuclear reaction… From last few decades we have imposed the environment, Green house effect and agrochemicals are the main examples for this. This is the cause of many chemical reactions which are driven by careless use of natural resources which had created irreversible damage. Our past engineers had not noticed future generation while putting that processes in the use and because of that we have to face this problem. From this example we have to learn to not ignoring future problems. As per my opinion sustainability means to develop the process not for the years or decades, but to develop the process or apply the process everlastingly without any harm to coming generation of the earth. We know we cannot predict the future, but we should try to make it more effective by considering the future so that our upcoming generation will have fewer problems.

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(1) Central Heating /cooling System /cooling
In most of central heating or cooling system there is just a one control to operate it so if you switch on the system it start the operation in entire house or place. But sometimes we need it in just one or two rooms so I would like to design a system so that we can use it for individual room or place. By doing this we can save a lot of energy which is wasted by having just a single operating system.

(2) Rechargeable Batteries
I would like to design the batteries which can recharge by both electricity and solar energy with more efficiency. For that I think there should be a small loop of solar penal in the battery.

(3) Microwave
I would like to change the material used in the inner…