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Purpose(what does this business provide/ sell)
Do they aim for it?
Where are they located?
A product profit International
Product and services profit National
Cirencester Leisure centre
Break even local RSPCA
Break even

McDonald’s purpose is to sell their products whilst trying to maximise their profits at the same time as trying to maintain good customer service. McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food restaurant; they employ over 1.8 million employees. It operates in over 119 countries and is considered one of the largest corporations, in the world. McDonald’s make profit by buying their ingredients for a specific price and then sell their produce for much more money. They almost have a McDonald’s restaurant located in every single country. McDonald's is a publicly traded corporation, meaning anyone can buy a part of the company through the purchase of stock shares. Their logo and brand name is recognised across the world, this helps them with advertisement as everyone knows who they are and the type of food quality to expect. McDonald’s is also known for changing their menu’s, offering different types of food which will entice more customers to go and taste their products.
Tesco sells products with the aim of generating a profit. Tesco operates a "good, better & best" policy for its products, encompassing several product categories such as food, beverage, home, clothing, Tesco Mobile and financial services. Tesco make profit by buying products from people in the tertiary sector and then selling it in their stores for even more leaving them with a profit. Tesco is a Public Limited Company. The company floated its shares on the market which enabled it to raise capital for its expansion plans, for example, Tesco own different brands such as Dobbies and One Stop. Tesco are well known for their competitive prices against other supermarkets such as ASDA or Sainsbury’s. By offering all these different types of services, Tesco does not limit itself to one division offering one service. Tesco is a national company but dominates the UK supermarket sector. There have been attempts on trying to become an international company but these have not been successful
Cirencester Leisure Centre is a multipurpose building providing the public with different types of Services. Swimming and gym facilities are a couple