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Task 3: Effects of ageing (P4, P5, M2, M3, D2)
the two theories of ageing are activity theory were the elderly person has an active lifestyle because they choose were there to go and participate in activities with the societies or other people in the care home. The disengagement theory is more relaxed lifestyle which the elderly lives in because they choose to retire in a peaceful and calm place where their family members or care services looks after them and do all the work which they need help doing with.
in this part of this assignment I am going to discuss to major theories of ageing which are disengagement and activity theory. The first major theory which I’m going to talk about is activity theory, were the care homes provide the residents activities for them to do such as; memory games, going out to trips, bingo and clubs which are assisted in the care home. All the activities are good for the residents living in the care home because it keeps them engage and stimulated. As people become older their nerve cells in the brain become weaker overtime, which can cause memory loss. So by letting they play board games and puzzles this will prevent memory loss and increase the intellectual and social development. In 1966 a man called Bromley discussed and wrote that the activity theory in elderly people is important because they need to be mentally also physically active so it decreases the risk of getting ill and not to feel much older.
The second major theory is disengagement theory. Where in 1961 two social scientist called William Henry and Elaine Cumming, who discussed that the relationships between older people and individuals from the societies are decreasing because as they grow older the way they interact are changing and separate themselves from other people. The two scientists argued that people are learning what their limitations are for their age and also the people of the new generations are taking up their roles.
The theory which best fits my individual is active theory because even though she doesn’t stay in a care home, she’s always asking her family members to come over to her house, were she’s not disengaging because she’s being social and talking to everyone. She also goes swimming twice a week and goes to play bingo with her friends every Saturday and goes to reading club in the local library on Friday.
as ageing process occurs many elderly people will approach with ageing in a different way, they might stay active or disengage themselves from people maybe because there being able to face of becoming old but there many services out there for the elderly to provide and help them to remain active, such as physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, these are all important for the elderly because it’ll keep them mentally and physically healthy. The services may include going out to the park, this will allow the people to be social and interact amongst everyone, also if the elderly cannot do certain everyday chores, then they will be provided a nursing assistance, which will help them and also remain fit and healthy. People visiting such as family member or friends who will come and spend time with the individual who will make them happy, where they might play board games, talk about what’s been happening in each others friend or take them for walk also watch a movie. This will be good because they will be socially connected and offer support and maintain their well being and also it will keep their mind active.
the physical changes due to the ageing process are. When the individual become older they begin to reach their final stages of life. They would need to require more assistance from other individuals because of the changes, which they will experience through of the process of ageing. But some people will develop serious illnesses or problems of ageing whereas some people wont. The physical changes during ageing is the skin becomes less elastic and becomes more wrinkled,