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Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context

P1 explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context

The importance of knowing and using different methods of communication

Within a health and social care environment many methods of communication are used on a daily bases. For example in a health and social care environment such as a nursing or residential home effective and interpersonal communication would be extremely common.
Effective communication
What is effective communication?
Effective communication is a two way information sharing process, the information is shared from one party to another easily understood and received. In health and social care effective communication is extremely important and employees must understand and know the definition of effective communication.
Interpersonal interaction
What is interpersonal interaction?
Interpersonal interaction is a when a communication process is going on. This sort of communication is when different sources of information or feelings or whatever the subject is exchanged. This can be verbal or non-verbal. Interpersonal interaction can be between two or more people. Health and social care environments use this sort of interaction on a daily bases.
It is extremely important that employees in the health and social care industry can use both effective and interpersonal communication, this is because they will need to share information with their clients this could be about their health, about what is going to happen on a daily bases or any other sort of information.
The two above methods are only the start of learning communication, there are many other ways of communicating. Some people may just see communication as talking face to face or sending a text message. Depending on the environment or solution depends on which type of communication will be used.

Type of communication
What it is
Verbal communication is when information is being shared between a groups of individuals. This is also done by speech. Verbal communication within a health and social care organisation is extremely important. If a family were looking at a care home to put a family member into they would be looking a place where the family member will feel comfortable. For example the members of staff would have to show positive attitude and use a really well-spoken tone of voice and speak in a polite manner. Verbal communication can be speaking face to face or even over the phone.

Non verbal
Nonverbal communication is the method of communication which is done by not speaking orally. This would be using electronic methods to communicate. Non-verbal communication would be carried out using email, phone calls, letters and fax. Using non-verbal communication also includes gestures, posture and facial expressions. In a health care scenario non-verbal communication could be a manager emailing one of their employees their new schedule or up to date information about their patient.
One way
Communicating using one way communication is a common method of communication. This is when one person is speaking to another and they are not looking for a response. This could be a nurse speaking to a patient telling them about their illness or progress. One way communication is used in everyday life without even knowing its being used.
Visual communication involves displaying information. This is where the message is expressed and made understandable for those with hearing impairments. Visual communication usually includes photographs, symbols, colours, posters or banners to help people to visualise what is going on. This is a very important method of communication as members of staffs in a care home may have to deal with a patient who has a hearing impairment and they may have to use visual communication.

Communication contexts

Communication Context
One to one