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Floor plan

Potential hazards –
Relating to the physicsl enviroment - The physical enviroment is very wet, people slip and hurt themselves all the time, the lifeguard chairs are positioned in a public walking path so people could bump into the lifeguard chairs and get some lumps and bruises, the lighting could collpase at any time if a freak incident ever happend.
Equipment – The lifeguarding equipment isnt very far from publics reach, some children come grab some of the rescue equipment and start hitting eachother with it or start swinging it around.
Infections – Since it is a PUBLIC swimming pool infections are likely to spread but if people poo or throw up or bleed on the poolside we have a procedure of cleaning it so the risk of infection spread is minimised.
Substances – The pool is full of chlorine which is kept at a controlled level but if the chlorine ever leaked or we have substance spillage into the pool the whole pool would have to be shut down until the issue could be sorted.
Working conditions – On some days it is very warm and inside the pool the temperature gets even hotter especially being high up on the lifeguard chairs or even in the pool, if people get dehydrated there are chances of them passing out.
Working practices – There may be people working around cleaning and forgetting to put out a wet floor sign and a member of the public may miss that sign and slip on the floor which should have been allerted to members of the public.
Possibility of hharm and abuse -
Security systems – The changing rooms are a very likely place for a criminal act to happen because of legal laws there are no cameras in the changing rooms or toilets so if any aggression or crime acts were to happen these would be happening in the changing