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P1: describe the

The marketing mix- 4 p’s – product or service offered by a business
The promotional mix – 7 p’s looks at the promotions a business uses for a product.

Coke is targeting individuals as they have put name on the bottles and to try and persuade you to buy it because it has your name on it.
McDonald’s- save4 menu- showing that there is something there for everybody.

When did both campaigns run-
Coca cola- 2012 during the summer –the Olympics.
McDonald’s 2012
The marketing mix looks at the 4 p’s at the promotional mix looks directly at the promotions
Personal selling does not apply to the business.
Retailers of the product (coke) offer promotions.
Public relations- McDonalds got sued for the beef patty they used to sell to customers which was made up of water and other harmful chemicals
Coke- does not have any public relations.
Direct marketing- coke are targeting people who specially want to buy their product.
Sponsorship – both used the Olympics to boost sales, recognition of the products, improve sale i.e. revenue.
The purpose and objectives of the promotional mix
Does it apply to McDonalds and coke?
Corporate image – McDonald used this because they are a fast food restraint at it leads to bad things such as obesity.
Most of the time they promote their products to businesses but in this case they promoted their products to individuals as customers could purchase a coke with their name on it and it would get sent to their house. Coke has