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Business Resources.
In this assignment I am going to write out 2 business documents for Tesco PLC, these documents will include. A job description and a person specification for a specified job role within Tesco. These documents will contain information on potential employ’s. I am also going to explain the definition of human resources and recruitment. I will choose an instore job from tesco and create my own person specification and job description. I will find an application form for the job which will help me learn about job adverts, a job description, person specification and an application.
Tesco PLC is the biggest private sector employer in the UK, Tesco employs more than 530,000 people worldwide and serves tens of millions of customers every week. Tesco also operates in 12 countries outside of the UK such as Turkey, Rep of Ireland and china. Tesco was founded in Hackney, London in 1919 by a man called Jack Cohen and now today it has become the biggest private sector employer in the United Kingdom and creates revenues of over £70 billion pounds. Tesco’s have 4 kinds of shops, Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco Extra and Tesco Superstore. Tesco has international expanded but still 86% of their profits come from the UK.
Recruitment is one of the many steps of hiring a new employee. Recruitment can be done through advertisements, websites, social media and many other ways. People who respond to these are known as applicants and they find out if they are qualified for the job or not. Candidates who meet the criteria could be asked to an interview. It is vital for Tesco to have a good recruitment process to help develop the business. To find the best suitable candidate for the job they must have C in math and English therefor eliminating people who may not be suitable to do the desired job. Human resources is the activities that relate to the employees such as training, hiring new staff, firing staff, keeping up to date with sources, payroll and employee benefits.

Customer Assistant – Checkouts\
Job Advertisement
Taken from www.tesco-careers.com/
Job Introduction
Tesco: Lowestoft 2 Contract Type: Temporary (Flexible)
Shift Pattern: Sun 10:00 - 16:00, Sat 18:00 - 22:00
We're the UK's number one retailer and we pride ourselves on offering customers the biggest range of products around. And that's not just food, but everything from clothes and kettles to financial services.
But did you know we offer the biggest job opportunities too? With stores across the UK, and a variety of roles, we are always looking for people who are as passionate about helping customers as we are.
Our Every Little Helps approach doesn't just apply to our customers. It's at the very heart of everything we do at work – and it's what makes us different. We believe in treating each other with respect, and everyone having the opportunity to get on. That's what makes Tesco such a great place to work.
Role Responsibility
Always put the customer first and consider them in everything you do:
Get to know your customers and serve them with pride.
Help to ensure products and services are available for customers at all times.
Handle all products with care to maintain quality and ensure they reach the customer in the best condition:
Keep the shop floor and back areas clean and tidy at all times.
Using the training you receive, follow department routines and processes.
Follow all company policies and adhere to Health and Safety routines.
Whilst you will have a core role, you may be asked to support your colleagues by helping in other departments
The Ideal Candidate
Able to give great, natural customer service by proactively smiling, greeting, acknowledging and helping customers.
Works hard for customers, your team and your department.
You are able to prioritise to ensure anything you do is right for our customers.
Adaptable and resilient to meet the ever changing demands of our business.
You must be able to follow instructions either verbal…