P1 Unit 13 Essay

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Recruitment and Selection in Business
In this assignment I will be demonstrating the way in which two businesses plan their recruitment and selection process. The two businesses I have chosen to speculate are Toys ‘R’ Us and in contrast I have chosen Hublot. I have chosen to write about these two contrasting businesses because they can show two different approaches to the recruitment and selection process.
Recruitment Planning:
The first stage of recruitment that you may be aware of it as an applicant. This is after the organisation has placed the advertisement and you have applied for it, but a lot of work happens before this stage. Part of recruitment planning involves the organisation working out if they need to recruit anyone at
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If an employee is recruited from within the organisation, this is less likely to happen and they may be able to move more quickly to their new post. Cost is another factor when considering external sourcing. The cost of recruiting should be measured in two days: the cost to actually advertise or the fee that needs to be paid to an agency for recommending an employee, and opportunity cost. Money that is spent on external recruitment cannot be spent elsewhere in the business, so this is an opportunity cost for that organisation.
Toys ‘R’ Us and Hublot differ hugely in the way they would use external sourcing. As stated external sourcing can be expensive and time consuming depending on the vacancy, so a company like Toys ‘R’ Us would need to spend a lot more money than Hublot to execute their way of external sourcing properly while Hublot would need to spend more time on recruiting the more specialist staff required.
Recruitment Advertising:
Once the decision to recruit has been made and the choice as to whether or not that vacancy should be advertised internally or externally has been made, the process of actually getting the advertisement into circulation needs to take place.
Internal Advertising:
Internal advertising is the simpler and cheaper of the two types of advertising for a vacancy. This is because