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Karina Rojek - Unit 3 P1 – Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations

You are a marketing consultant who has been asked to advise on the most effective way for a selected company to improve their sales.

Do a thorough investigation of the organisation’s marketing approach to its goods and services and write a report for the development of their marketing strategies to the Board of Directors.

You will need to research the marketing activities of two organisations to begin with.

1. Define what marketing is?

Marketing is mainly defined as a management process through which services and good are changing from concept to actual product which is going to the customer. However some of the different definitions are explaining marketing as a methodology of communication the value of a service or product to consumers.

2. Describe the THREE concepts of marketing

Three concepts of marketing are: production concept, sales concept and marketing concept itself. The first one; production concept is based on creating economies of scale in distribution of a service or product and production. However it mentions that product’s quality would be not as good as the other companies but everything could be based in that case on availability. Good example is Tesco; they can use average quality products provided from suppliers to increase their profit in food of their own brand. Another marketing concept is sales concept. That one is described and commonly known as ‘the hard sell’. We can explain it as the seller has to convince consumer by high-pressure selling techniques to purchase a product or use service. The really last marketing concept’s purpose is to put our buyer at the centre while his decision-making process is in progress. This concept may probably guarantee to the business more profit because of being focused on customer needs which are likely more profitable than those not really useful products or services.

3. Choose two companies and write a short report describing each company’s products/services AND then describe one product or service from each company.

First company I have chosen is Tesco PLC. This company is number one retail company in the United Kingdom but Tesco’s operations are worldwide. They are provided loads of different services and it is not only grocery. They have banks, petrol stations, pharmacy, small stores as well as those open 24 hours. The one and the biggest service of Tesco that I would like to describe is food. Tesco PLC company created their own brand food company which are cheapest that those original products which are on their shelves either. They have provided online shopping with mainly free delivery as well as 24 hours stores that you can go and shop in with sales associate help anytime and any day.

Second company I would like to mention here is Croydon College as it is non-profit company funded by government so at the same time activity provided by this business would be different. Croydon College is specified in inspiring and supporting learners through Further and Higher Education qualifications by outstanding Teaching and Learning and at the same time improving Employability Skills of learners. One of the services provided by Croydon College I would like to talk about and mention more details is BTEC National Diploma courses. There are three levels of BTEC Extended Diploma which are specialised in: Health and Social Care, Engineering, Public Services, Information Technology, Business and Enterprise, Travel and Tourism, Applied Science, Creative Media Production, Art and Design, Performing Arts, Fashion and Clothing, Graphic Design, Airline and Airport Studies, Animation Design, Music Technology, Music Performance, Film and Television, Vehicle Technology as well as Construction and The Built Environment. Through this long list of courses learners are able to choose any they would like to complete and then afterwards have three choices