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Why Specific attributes valued by an employer…?
Introduction: In here I am going to explain why certain attributes are valued by employers.
Job related Technical knowledge
Qualification: When we apply for a job we are required to submit several documents, such as a cover letter, resume and academic records. The documents provide employers with what knowledge and skills applicants have. Employer must have to tell about when he get the qualification and how long have they been got that qualification, because the employee would like to know about that. The health and safety law has changed from the past and now when the employee asks the present term of health and safety, the employer must have to know about that. Also they will be required what level of qualification have they got and which subjects are they.
Experience: A positive candidate experience can do wonders for an employer. Because when they apply for a job the employers are looking for lots of positive experience from the candidate. The employer has to provide how many years of experience they have and what is their specialism.
Good working procedures
Health and safety: This is extremely important and valued by employers and employee need to follow the health and safety guide lines. So they will not get people hurt. Both employers and employees are responsible for people not causing accidents because if you cannot follow the rules of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 then you will put others in danger which in turn will affect the employer because they will be held accountable and may have to become part of a lawsuit. An employee with Health and Safety knowledge would also need to be able to comment on any danger he saw such as plug overloads then he would report it and resolve the problem.
Security: It is important to have security in a workplace so as to prevent the crimes that may occur and to prevent intellectual property theft and identity fraud that may occur in the workplace. Job security should also be offered so as to motivate the employees and to assure them that they will not lose the job.
For example; Data Protection Act 1998, a software engineer need to wear their ID badge whilst on site so they can be identified and the company knows they are an employee. The data Protection Act allows personal detail such as name and address to be kept safe.

Planning skills: Planning is a major part of business. For example, planning skills are necessary to develop a budget, develop and monitor individual aspects of projects and determine the overall direction you want the company to take. Investors and lenders want to see what you have planned before they will give you funds -- in fact, investors and lenders often won't work with you unless you can produce a formal, written business plan that says what your company will do and how.
As a software engineer in the work place they would be expected to work to a budget. Before the software engineer works to the budget they need to plan first like how much it would cost, how long it will take and identify the areas of the given budget that require more money.
Organizational Skills: Employees in the workplace must have general organizational skills, which allow them to determine the supplies they need, how to arrange their files and whom to contact for specific information. Managers who work with employees will often organize the work of employees to keep them busy, especially those that require a lot of direction, like file clerks or contract workers.
A software engineer in the work place they would need to attend meeting so they will need to arrange the meeting and who is going to participate in that meeting and let them know that they will need arrive on time, where the meeting is going to happen and also they need know about the subject knowledge of the meeting.
Verbal skills: Business professionals demonstrating effective verbal communication skills