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E-Commerce – Unit 6
Sabina Jesmin


Domain names and registration
Internet speeds and connections

• Hardware is the device which the user can physically touch.
• Web server and specifications, monitors, keyboards, mouse, modem and network card are all examples of hardware, which are also referred to as the physical components of a hardware.

• A software is made up of the developer's ideas, concepts and principles which leads to computer programming. • For example, servers, web browsers, web creation and database creation software are all example of soft wares. Networking
• Networking is a process which enables users to interact with one another, share ideas and a way to develop professional and personal contacts.
• Ports, protocols and
TCP/IP are all types of networking. Domain names and registration
• Domain names are unique
IP addresses given to web pages to help identify the website. For example, is a domain name to identify google. • Registration is the process which enables users to connect to a network to gain access to the internet.

• Programming is a series of commands which enables users to carry out various numbers of tasks, such as to create and design websites.
• For example, MySQL, PHP,
Java Script and HTML are all examples of programming which enable users to conduct any tasks required.

Internet speeds and connections
• Internet speeds and connections is what allows computer networks and devices such as mobile phones, to connect to the internet, to enable users to gain access to the internet.

• W3C refers to the
‘World Wide Web’, which enforces standard principles and protocols for the internet, outlining what