P104 Health And Social Care Intervention

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Learning Concept #1: Intervention Plans
The author talks about how at the beginning of starting treatment the first thing that gets done is the intervention plan the author states, “ The intervention plan is developed from the initial assessment. Usually the agency will have subareas in the intervention plan for health, education/vocation, employment, relationships and legal issues”(P104) In the chapter the author states that the intervention plan is actually a legally binding document. The author states “Intervention plans are the legal contract between you and the client. They usually include goals and objectives, names or positions of responsible parties, target dates, and signatures of all parties involved in the intervention plan” (P104)
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The author states “clients often need more services than what your agency will be able to provide such as the support groups or medication assistance. Other referrals could be for rental assistance, food stamps and utility discounts” (P106) we as social worker have learned about these referrals but our clients may have not. The author states that when we do referrals for a client we need to “document that information in their file as well as on a separate sheet of paper with the name, address, phone number, web address, email, contact person and appointment date and time, which is given to the client. We may also have to call and make an appointment for the client depending on the referral” …show more content…
Plagiarism is not only illegal and unethical but can cause students to fail classes and ruin career. (P110) Everyone should be careful when we see ideas in print or on the Internet or hear it in a speech (110) if we are going to use it in our work we need to give credit to the person using APA citations. The author states, “Inadequate referencing is almost as bad as plagiarism and many consider the two to be equivalent. Plagiarism is also listed in the NASW Code of Ethics in section 4.08 “ (A) Social workers should take responsibility and credit, including authorship credit, only for work they have actually preformed and to which they have contributed. (B) Social workers should honestly acknowledge the work of and contributions made by others” (P111)
Learning Concept #5: Other