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P1 – Unit 4

Type of information
2 examples
Greeting people,
Selling to a customer.
Saying hello to customers as they come in.
Providing a customer with information about a specific product.
Makes customers feel welcome to the store.
So that the customer knows what they will be buying.
Internal - Sales
Letters, post it notes.
Sending a receiving letters to buyers and customers.
Leaving a post it not on a desk for another employee to see.
Written/typed letters are more formal than ways such as email or texting so this seems to add class.
Easy was of letting people know of things that have gone wrong / been done / need to be done.
Depending if letter is being sent out or received
Advertisement emails.
On screen advertisement for customers to see when they are using their home pc
Emails from and to buyers and sellers containing information about pruducts
Advertises products to public so that they know what it is and where to get the product.
Electronic way of communication with others via a pc/mobile device.
Internal - marketing
Pictures, videos.
Pictures and videos can hold lots of information for others to be able to access at anytime via websites such a youtube/devientArt
More enjoyable way of finding out information rather than reading threw a pile of papers.
Internal – marketing

On-line advertisement, videos
Advertisement about products on other internet sites such as Facebook and Google. Videos on websites like YouTube can attract huge publicity if they go viral
Good way of advertising as loads of people use these sites every second
Internal – I.T

Verbal communication is good because it is the best way for you to get your point across well, this is because it is word of mouth and also you can use gestures and things to emphasise your point. It is also more formal and is welcoming to people entering the store and makes in more