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Sociological perspectives
Functionalists believe that society is all held together by social consensus, which members of the society agree on and all work together to achieve the goals that are set. The functionalist perspective of sociology, each aspect of society contributes to society’s stability and functioning. An example would be the government providing education for children in which turn pays taxes to keep the schools up and running. Families are dependent on the schools to help children grow and learn in order to get good jobs so they can keep their own stable lives to continue the schools to constantly run doing a constant cycle.
Marxism was introduced by Karl Marx during 1818 and 1883. The view is based on the conflicts and interests of society. There are two classes that Marx spoke about and they were The Bourgeoisie class, which is a small powerful group who may have owned factories or company’s whereas the Proletariat is a poorer group of workers. He has based it on financial structures and systems as well as social class.
Feminism is based from a woman’s point of view of things. Pamela Abbott and Claire Wallace studied it in 1997 and suggested that males dominate has produced many prejudged ideas meaning people don’t take as much notice of the issues that do affect women. There are a few different categories in this; Radical feminism, Liberal feminism and Marxist feminism. Liberal feminism looks at the view of what legal