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P2: Explain how to build cohesive teams that perform well
A cohesive team is a group of people working together effectively to achieve strategic aims and goals. The team has to make sure that they have a well-defined roles and group, common goals, good working relationship, positive energy, shared responsibility and respect etc in order to have a good cohesive team. On the other hand to create a cohesion team, everyone needs to be working on the same page when it comes to team goals, because if everyone is working towards the same thing this will automatically help cohesion develops. http://www.youthfirst.us/newsletters/parents/grade5-6/P_G5-6_Cohesion_06.pdf Organisations have a recruitment process before they recruit anyone. There usually tends to be a recruitment team in every department where they have their own rules and regulations and requirements needed for a specific role in the business. The team work together effectively in order to get their tasks completed.
Induction and training
Induction and training is a stage that takes place right at the beginning. It is the stage where staff train and introduce new employees to an organisation. Research has shown that induction programmes improve staff retention. When introducing employees it is crucial that the staffs that are showing them around have many skills. It is crucial that they have good communication skills, good interpersonal skills and know how to work with new people effectively. In order to work in a cohesive team, the introduction has to be good and include: an excellent describing where the facilities are, make sure that the health and safety information is clearly told, background information of the organisation, a clear outline of the job role and the requirements etc.

Coaching and mentoring

Duration is a time scale and also can be limited to a single session.
This is when a long term relationship is formed with a group or a particular person.
Benefit for those giving it
This is a strong skill for the main people who are in charge, for example: the line managers and supervisors.
When mentoring for this, it is vital that the same person doesn’t carry out both tasks.
What it covers
When coaching, the tasks are mainly more concerned with day to day work and taking in charge.
This is when a person is more concerned and is concentrating on a long term goal/issue. Example: relationships or careers.
Group or individual
This can be a variety of people coaching for different types of teams.
When mentoring for this, the task is mainly conducted in private on a one to one basis.

Team building

Belbin’s roles
Belbin has 9 roles which are: plant, resource investigator, co-ordinator, shaper, monitor evaluator, team worker, implementer, completer finisher and specialist. All of these 9 roles play an important part in each and every organisation that applies the roles within their organisation. Being a plant is a high role as the person has to be creative, imaginative, free thinking, brings out new ideas and solves difficult problems.
A resources investigator has to be out going, enthusiastic communicative and is able to explore opportunities and develops contacts. A co-ordinator delegates effectively in the team and has to be mature, confident and can clarify goals. To remain in a cohesive team it is crucial that all these team role people stay on track in their roles and focussed on to what needs to be achieved effectively. A shaper has to be dynamic, thrives on pressure, challenging and has to have to ability to drive and courage to overcome obstacles.
Another one of the 9 roles of Belbin is monitor evaluator; they have to be strategic and discerning. Their main task is to look at all the options and then makes the decision accurately. A team worker has to be hardworking, co-operative, perceptive and diplomatic.
An implementer has to be practical, reliable and efficient. He/she changes ideas into actions