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This diagram is the cardiovascular system and I will briefly explained on
The right atrium links to the left what it is. Now the cardiovascular is atrium which makes the blood linked to the heart and it has many enters the heart through the two functions. The heart is an important ventricle I have mentioned organ in our body system which
(Deoxygenated blood inters the helps and it helps the blood pump right atrium the inferior and through the body. Another fact superior vena cavas.) Website from about the heart it can beat 60 to google definition.
100 times per minute as my research goes. Now I am going to
The heart has three types of blood explain on what an aorta is. Aorta is vessel. These include arteries, veins the main artery in the body and it and capillaries. Capillaries are supply's oxygenated blood to the mostly found in the muscles and system. Now what is does to us lungs. humans is that it transfer the blood
Now as this diagram has valve to the left ventricle which moves labelled this stops blood frown through the backbone. Since I flowing backwards. Which includes mentioned the left ventricle, that with veins. will be my next point. The left ventricle is linked to the four
Another fact is that the blood chambers of the heart which is carries oxygen and that minerals located to the bottom and below of and vitamins that your body needs the left atrium. The left ventricle is to move, think, grow and repair the thickest out of the four chambers itself Image from moodle presentation and this pumps oxygenated blood which releases tissues all over the body. Now I will be talking about right ventricle, this is also linked to the four chambers. The right ventricle is located on the right of the heart and also it is below the right atrium. The right ventricle is here to help the lungs by deoxygenated and pumping the blood to it. (As deoxygenated blood flows into the right atrium, it passes through the tricuspid valve and into the right ventricle, which pumps the blood up through the pulmonary valve and through the pulmonary artery and to the lungs. ) Website from health line. The left atrium helps the blood from the pulmonary veins which transfer the blood directly to the left ventricle.

Now I will be mentioning alveoli, now this a respiratory structures of the lung.
(Tiny organs that help our body parts get the oxygen that we breathe in and get rid of the carbon dioxide we don't need.
These organs are called alveoli.) Website from http://educationportal.com/academy/less on/alveoli-functiondefinitionsacs.html#lesson

Now I will be talking about diaphragm, this is a main muscle which is a dome shaped of muscle that is fitted into the lower ribs. Now when human beings breathe, the diaphragm will pact and will compress out and pulls downward.
(When you breathe out, the diaphragm expands reducing the amount of space for the lungs and forcing air out. The diaphragm is the main muscle used in breathing.) Website from http://hes.ucfsd.org/gclaypo/repiratorysys.html The respiratory system helps us human beings to breath as this system is made from the organs inside your body. Now in the respiratory has key factors which I will include some down. My first point is that the respiratory system has lungs. Now lungs are the main function of this system and oxygen is taken out of the body as carbon dioxide is breathed out. Inside our body the red blood cells picks up the oxygen in our lungs and carries to all body cells. Also it will (flow then pick up the carbon dioxide which is a waste gas product shaped by our cells). Some bits from BBC bitesize
Next I will be writing about trachea, this is another term for windpipe. The trachea passes the air we breathe which goes to the bronchi. Now the trachea is a flexible somewhat structure and is connected to the larynx.
The next is bronchi, and this has two tubes which branches off the trachea and it passes straight away into the lungs. It looks like a tree branch in my opinion. Now