Essay about P3 - Communication Influences

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Explain factors that may influence communication & interpersonal interactions in health and social care environments.

I will be explaining the barrier which may have influenced the case study of Mr and Mrs Singh’s meeting with the MDT and how environmental factors influenced the interaction within the meeting.
I am going to be looking at environmental factors such as, noise, setting, seating, lighting, space and time.

Case Study

Mrs Singh has recently had major surgery and the meeting is aimed at organising a discharge package for Mrs Singh.
Mrs Singh would most probably not feel 100% and may feel unwell and unable to give her full attention and feel like her decisions could be the wrong one.
It states in the case
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From the start of the meeting Mr & Mrs Singh are not made to feel welcome or introduced in a none formal way as to what they are used to. Due to it being so formally arranged and spoken for they would both feel bullied and out of the picture. The MDT are using their power to abuse Mr and Mrs Singh, due to them not speaking great English they are struggling to help make decisions therefore, they wouldn’t have had a proper say in what discharge package is arranged for her. This would have also made Mr & Mrs Singh feels disempowered and belittled. These are all negative factors which influenced the communication. The outcome of the interaction was that as they left they have agreed to the care package provided that the MDT deemed to be appropriate and thank the team and leave looking extremely confused.

To conclude, If eye contact, a calm setting and an interpreter was present in the meeting they both could of felt more of a part of the meeting and felt more at ease whilst in attendance.
Due to none of these factors not being there and many barriers were there to achieve an effective flowing conversation, Mr and Mrs Singh did not receive or understand any information that had been given to them by the