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Tesco is a part of the private sector, as it is a privately owned company. It is a leading supermarket chain in the UK and in Europe. The company have recently expanded to become known globally in countries like Malaysia and Thailand. Tesco’s mission and values are described in this quote from the company;
“To be the most highly valued business by the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, our loyal and committed colleagues and of course our shareholders.”
Tesco has five elements to which it describes how the company wants to be seen as:
Wanted and needed around the world
A growing business, full of opportunities
Modern, innovative and full of ideas
Winners locally whilst applying our skills globally
Inspiring earning trust and loyalty from customers our colleagues and communities

Throughout the numerous Tesco stores across the world they have aims to ensure goals are achieved. These aims are departmental in each store or can be worldwide throughout all the stores. Theses aims include, keeping shareholders happy by earning a large profit and also being one of the strongest competing supermarket stores in the market. Tesco will also have aims that include growth for the business like expanding their locations around the world or opening new business opportunities within their stores.
A vision is for the senior managers of each store however the mission statement is for the stakeholders. The mission should inspire stakeholders and motivate employees to achieve the goals of the company. The company wouldn’t be able to function without the values that they have created. These values are a way they wish to be perceived by from competing supermarkets and the public. These values is what the company pride themselves in and they must have strategic planning in order to ensure every store uphold the values.
Tesco’s values are:
No one tires harder for customers
Understanding people – customers, colleagues, communities – and what matters to them, and then trying to make those things better, is at the heart of Tesco. It's about listening to people and talking to them using all the tools at our disposal – from Clubcard data to social media – and then acting by changing and innovating to meet their needs. http://www.tescoplc.com/index.asp?pageid=10 We treat everyone how we like to be treated
We know that looking after our colleagues in a culture of trust and respect is essential to the success of Tesco. Where colleagues feel recognised and rewarded for the work they do together, where they have the opportunity to get on and where they are supported in their development as they move through their careers in the business – they in turn try their hardest for customers http://www.tescoplc.com/index.asp?pageid=10 We use our scale for good

Our scale means that we can provide affordable, high-quality food to people around the world and create value for customers. We want to use this scale to create greater value for society as a whole. In many ways we do this already, whether it's by creating thousands of jobs or working with thousands of farmers to provide world-class products. But now we want to scale up our efforts and make a positive contribution to some of the most pressing challenges facing the world.


Tesco’s values make them a recognisable company that put their customers first. The company describe themselves as a community focused business, because the company is so powerful they can use their popularity for good. By creating awareness for the leading issues in the world and also by helping by donating money or time to help local communities.

Tesco help working in the local community and these relate back to the companies values of ‘using their scale for good’. Tesco have given 21.5 million meals, including customer’s donation, Tesco’s 30% top up and surplus food donations since November 2012.