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Recruitment of staff
Promotion of goods and services.
Political Factors – Government Support.
The period of redundancy used to be 90 days so the employee could have time to sort out finances and possibly find a new job, however this period has been decreased to 45 days.
This can work to the advantage of ASDA because they wouldn’t have to give as much notice to staff during a time of economic decline, if they need to make staff redundant to save money they can do it in a shorter time period.
The promotion of goods and services would be affected by political factors because ASDA could receive extra funding from the government in order to help them promote a new product range which they see as a huge money maker.

Political Factors – Fiscal (Tax)
Corporation tax and VAT will have huge impacts on ASDA as they are a compulsory rate that has to be paid on any profit made over the year.
As VAT has recently risen to 20% this would mean that ASDA may have less money to spend on hiring new staff to provide a better shopping experience for customers, if they can’t provide a positive service then they could lose out on much more money.
ASDA may have less money due to rises in taxes which could result in a lack of funds to spend on producing new products or promoting existing products to make them more popular, ASDA will have to pay 21% corporation tax as they make more than £300,000 profit each year.

Legal Factors – Employment Law.
Employment laws state how an employee should be treated within the working environment, these laws can include contract terms and conditions and unfair treatment.
ASDA will have to take employment laws into consideration when employing or firing staff, as the rights to not be unfairly treated period has been raised from 1 year to 2 years it would show that ASDA employees wouldn’t be able to fight against any lack of treatment. Another example of employment laws would be the law that states that every member of staff that is working full time is entitles to 28 days holiday per year.

Employment laws could impact upon the promotion because of goods and services because it may come to a point when they don’t have enough staff to take forward new promotion ideas which could be a big problem in the finance and profit areas.

Legal Factors – Consumer Protection.
The Consumer Protection Act is a law that protects the customer from unfair treatment when purchasing a product, if a business doesn’t comply with this law they face serious legal action taken against them.
The recruitment of new staff within ASDA would be affected by the Consumer Protection Act because if they employ new staff they would have to ensure that he employee knows all the terms and conditions of this Act so they know what can be used against them from the customers.

ASDA could be affected by the Consumer Protection Act because they would have to ensure that they are complying with the terms and conditions, if they aren’t they could face prosecution. Some of the terms include setting a minimum price for alcohol as it is an age protected product and ensuring that the customer gets everything that the product specifies.

Social Factors – Ageing Population.
Social Factors such as the ageing population can affect any business because they would have to consider whether it is worth employing a member of staff who may not have the physical capabilities to work as hard as a younger person, however it may be seen as offensive if they do not employ older staff which could give companies a bad reputation.
ASDA would have to consider social factors such as ageing staff when employing new staff as they wouldn’t want to employ a member of staff who is close to the retirement age because they may not be getting the most out of them as an employee. It may also be a case that if ASDA need to get rid of staff they may choose to target the older staff who may not be able to do as much work as their