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P6 – Plan an E-commerce Strategy
This report will state the suitable ways to promote secure and host Around the clock site.
HOSTING- when setting up an e-commerce site, there are two issues of hosting which need to be decided- who will host it and which ISP to use.
ISP stands for "Internet Service Provider." In order to connect to the Internet, you need an ISP. It is the company that individuals or organisations pay a monthly fee to in order to use the Internet. Around the clock needs to decide which ISP they will use. Around the clock needs to purchase a bigger line, perhaps a dedicated line that gives them continuous guaranteed access at all times.
In House
If the site is to be hosted in-house, Around the clock has to make sure their staffs has skills required to designed a professional-looking, full functioning website. This may mean employing another staff member, or several, depending on the size of the site and the desired functionality. Keeping it in-house should result in lower costs, but businesses can fall into the trap of giving responsibility to employees who lack the necessary design or technical skills, resulting in amateurish websites that do not instil confidence in customers.
Sub contracted
Subcontracting means Around the clock will pay another company to create the website. It depends on the deal as to how much is done by the subcontractor- it could be just the design, then the site is handed over to the company to maintain. Sometimes the contractor has full long term. Although the latter option can be expensive and there can be communication issues between business and subcontractor. For example over design elements, with each having a different idea of how something should look – it is likely to result in a more professional website with more reliable functionality than using in-house resources.
Suggestion for around the clock
I reckon the Internet Service provider Around the clock should use is the Sub contracted, because they would need a professional design which another company who is specialised in making design and in which there would be less technical difficulty than the In house ISP
PROMOTION –Marketing is a very important part of e-commerce, because it is important for people to know about your business because it brings more customers and more customers means more profit to the organisation. Promotion is a good way of attracting potential customers. The ways of promotion include; placing in search engines, message boards and Chat rooms.
Placing in search Engines
Placing in search engines is a very good way of promoting Around the clock products because a lot of people use search engines and there are a lot of potential customers using search engines. Examples of search Engine include; Google, Bing, etc. the higher a business is ranked, the higher the chance of getting more potential customers.
Message boards
Message boards are friendly discussion areas on websites where members can post questions and read and respond to posts by other members and Around the clock can use this to promote their business. There are different categories of interest and people can click the categories they are interested in. the threads are not arranged in any type of alphabetical order. They are most likely posted in date order by the last post. Therefore, the thread at the top will have the most recent posts. Businesses can advertise their goods and service to different people and this can help promote their business
Chat rooms
Chat rooms are popular hangouts on the Internet. Many teenagers, parents and business people use them as a method for communication to keep in contact with family, friends and co-workers. While chat rooms can be very useful and beneficial, they also can be hangouts for Internet predators as well. Potential customers can be found for Around the clock.
Suggestion for around the clock
I reckon that Around the clock should advertise on message mainly because they wont have efficient