PA52017 Parvez SIM335 PM Essay

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Managing Project

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Task 1: Different aspect of a Project 4
1.1 Core characteristics of a project: 4
1.2 Scope of the Project: 4
1.3 Critical Path Method and Gantt chart: 5
1.4 Cost appraisal method and its benefits: 6
1.5 Assessment and management risk: 6
1.6 Quality method used for successful completion of the project: 6
Task 2: Formal report on the project of ABEK Ltd: 7
2.1 Description of the project of ABEK Ltd: 7
2.2 Project lifecycle: 7
2.3 Breakdown of Project work: 9
2.4 Gantt chart: 9
2.5 Cost breakdown structure: 10
2.6 Network diagram: 10
2.6 Project management skills 11
2.8 Project manager leadership style: 11
2.9 Project Control Techniques: 12
Risk management: 12
Conclusion 13
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Task 2: Formal report on the project of ABEK Ltd:

2.1 Description of the project of ABEK Ltd:
ABEK Ltd is a company specialized in producing and supplying specialized parts to different national, regional and international organization. The company has only one production facilities currently with an area of 25000 square meters which also includes its head office. The company produces all of its products in the single plant and then distributes them to the distribution center. To meet the increasing global demand, it has recently acquired a new building which will be used for producing additional products (Field and Keller, 1998). Now, it has taken a project to open the building and establish all facilities in the building.

2.2 Project lifecycle:
Project lifecycle indicates different stages in the life of the project to complete the project on time and within budget. As a project manager, it is very important to identify different stages in the project and proceed accordingly. Different activities will be done during different stages of the lifecycle (Daft, 1997). However, different project have different life cycle and there is no unique life cycle that applies to all projects. The stages that are applicable for the opening of building of ABEK are given below:

Project Initiation:
Project Initiation stage is very important as the whole project is designed and formulated in the steps. Project manager will collect the