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Solving My People Puzzle: Part 2
Liberty University

This report is the second half of a two part study called Solving My People Puzzle. This exercise is used to help the student describe, develop, and manage their personality. Best fit strategies are discussed and examined with each of the four main Disc styles of personality, a predetermined care-seeker from the case study Crossroads: A story of forgiveness, and a chosen mentor’s Disc Profile and M-BTI personality test results. Developing a common behavioral language with each of these personality examples is the goal. It is with expectation and hope that these exercises will expand the relational style development of this student-author.

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(Discprofiles4u). The tender sensitive passive nature of the “S” therapist should not take offense while remembering the possible blind spots of the “D” counselee when viewed as rude, aggressive, and insensitive ( /discstrengths).
The I personality trait – The inspiring and influencial behavioral style is usualy open to new theories, ideas, and methods of learning. They are fun loving and have a short attention span (DiscProfiles4u). Keeping this learning style in mind, the “S” counselor should attempt to set good boundaries in counseling sessions. The general friendliness and outgoing nature of the “I” counselee and the genuine sincere, caring, friendliness of the “S” counselor would seem to be a good fit. Also, since the “I” is a talker and the “S” is a listener an approprite communication strategy (game) would be the Talker-Listener Card (Petersen, 2007, p 55). The blind spots of defensiveness and not listening to counsel present the biggest problem for the counselor. Getting the “I” to own his responsibility for defensive behavior and poor listening habits will be the challenge for the counselor.
The S personality trait – The supportive personality style of the counselee and counselor both ask “How” will we get this problem solved? They both use how questions on a regular basis (DiscProfiles4u). Since they both work at a steady pace and are careful listeners they will approch the