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Question 1 of 25
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Which of the following is not usually an aim of epidemiology?

A.To describe the health status of the population

B.To fund new public health programs

C.To explain the etiology of disease

D.To predict the occurrence of disease

E.To control the distribution of disease

Answer Key: B

Question 2 of 25
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The Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) is responsible for (give the best answer):

A.tracking down unusual disease outbreaks in the United States and foreign countries

B.collecting epidemiologic intelligence for local health departments

C.disseminating epidemiologic information to members of the community
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B.the case fatality rate is greater in women

C.the duration of the disease is greater in women

D.women receive less adequate medical care for the disease

Answer Key: C

Question 18 of 25
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High rates of mortality from hypertension found among African Americans may be due to

A.Dietary factors

B.Exposure to stress


D.All of the above

Answer Key: D

Question 19 of 25
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According to classic studies, age-standardized morbidity rates in the United States for acute conditions, chronic conditions, and disability due to acute conditions show the following sex differences:

A.Rates for males are higher than rates for females.

B.Rates for males are equal to the rates for females.

C.Rates for females are higher than rates for males.

D.Females have higher rates of hearing impairment than males.

E.B and D

Answer Key: C

Question 20 of 25
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Descriptive epidemiology characterizes the amount and distribution of disease within a population to enable the researcher to

A.make direct tests of etiologic hypotheses

B.generate testable hypotheses regarding etiology

C.evaluate trends in health and disease within a population

D.All of the above

E.B and C only

Answer Key: E

Question 21 of 25
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Studies of nativity and migration have reported that:

A.admission rates of foreign-born persons to mental hospitals were lower than for native-born persons

B.diseases found in less developed