PDHPE Assessment Task

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PDHPE Assessment Task 3 - Catherine Fotiou - Nutrition Throughout Life Research Task
1. Wayne had made chosen many poor lifestyle choices for himself throughout his day, such as how he woke up feeling tired - this was caused by not sleeping early, therefore made him feel tired the next day. In the morning, Wayne drank a coffee in the morning which keeps your energy levels high only for a certain amount of time. Wayne also had no breakfast. Wayne also smoked a cigarette in the morning, this is not playing a good part in Wayne’s especially during adolescence. Throughout the entire day, Wayne made many poor eating choices such as the junk food at recess.At lunchtime, all of Wayne’s food was from the canteen, Wayne also had a soft drink at lunch. Wayne then had another coffee.This is an insufficient diet and as a growing boy, Wayne needs to be making healthy decisions.

For dinner, Wayne had some takeaway pizza as his parents went out for dinner, this is another source of junk food added to his diet. Wayne
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This can be managed by a game which can be played against himself, every time Wayne eats junk food or drinks soft drink, he will have to be punished by his parents taking 10 dollars from his wallet and putting it into a bank account to save money instead of buying junk food or cigarettes, this way he is saving money from buying irrelevant things and also eating less junk food and more nutritional food. This is a smart way to bribing kids to stop eating junk food. Currently, Wayne does not drink any water throughout the day and can be managed through this system. He should have a rule where he has to drink a 2L bottle of water and if he doesn’t by 9:00 PM then he has to give 10 dollars. This technique can be done for his smoking habit. This will improve Wayne’s diet and will make him live a healthy lifestyle that he needs in order to properly