PM Robert Carr: Was It Right Or Wrong?

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“Was it right or wrong?” PM Robert Carr thought to himself. He had yet to make his decision. One thing was for sure. If the hit-men were sent out. The job was sure to be completed.

( 2hours later)

Prime Minister Robert Carr stood up and lightly tapped his wine glass with his dessert spoon. The room fell dead silent. “Welcome friends and colleagues and congratulations on yet another successful year in parliament. Thank you all for coming tonight .”
The prime minister spoke with a certain unease that went unnoticed by most of the crowd. After he finished speaking the room began to buzz again and was filled with light conversation and small talk. Robert Carr had had only been Prime Minister for a year. He had been put in the position after the shocking death of the previous Prime Minister, Keith Anderson one year prior.

As Robert began mingling with the crowd his iPhone gave two short vibrations. He awkwardly excused himself from a conversation and quickly made his way to the bathroom. Before opening the bathroom door he gave a suspicious look around the room, and entered. “Sir,” a young athletic man dressed in black cargo pants and a black long sleeve top spoke. “Is the job done?” Robert’s voice shook as he spoke to the man.
“ John is dead,” the man replied coldly.
“And his wife Katherine ?” Robert asked. The man paused. “She escaped,” the man finally murmured. “What! How? There were three of you! You have no idea how much trouble this could put me in. Are you sure John is dead?” “Yes sir, a bullet in the head and the body has been disposed of.”
“Good is there any way of tracking down Katherine ?” Robert’s voice was cut off by a knocking at the door and the familiar sound of Robert’s wife's voice. She could be heard through the doorway.

“ Are you alright in there darling?” Robert swore under his breath, he was sure no one had seen him enter the bathroom. However his wife was clever and could tell something was not quite right. She had been watching him closely since they arrived.

Robert gave a nod to the man in black and exited the room. “ Is every thing alright darling? His wife asked quietly, she had been deeply involved in the suspicious death of Keith Anderson but she had no idea bout the man in black behind the bathroom wall.
“Everything is fine dear,” Robert lied. His wife Sally could still sense the unease in his voice. They both returned into the main hall and began to mingle with the crowed of labour politicians and their wives. Everything seemed to have gone back to normal , no one saw the man in black sneak out of the bathroom and out the emergency fire exit.

A short time later Robert was behind a small stage that faced three the rows of tables in which most members of the Labor party members were happily drinking expensive wine and talking amongst themselves. He was going over the small speech his secretary made the night before. As he wiped the sweat off his brow he couldn't help but notice his right leg shaking uncontrollably. Something else was on his mind pushing all other thoughts away. It was the murder he had paid the man in black to do. He felt the blood on his hands though he hadn't even seen John’s body.

Robert stepped out in front of the crowd, the shaking in his right leg had gotten worse and large sweat patches were visible under both arms. He began to speak. “ Welcome again ladies and gentlemen to the Labour party’s new year’s function.” Robert looked up at a crowd of concerned faces, it was obvious they could see something was wrong. Robert began to speak again. “ It’s good to see most of you made it, however it seems John and his wife Katherine couldn't be with us tonight.” As he looked up a second time he noticed a familiar face stroll into the room, walk right up to the end of the table closest to the stage and sit down.

Robert recognized the face instantly. It was John! Nobody in the room moved. The attention was entirely fixed on Robert.