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CT050-3-3 Project Management
In-course Assignment

Company : Healthy Living Pte. Ltd. (HL) - Singapore
Service : Global IT Services (GITS) - Malaysia
Project : Global Supply Chain Management Project (GSCMP)

I. Assignment Learning Outcomes 1. Decide the aims and objectives, deliverables and scope of a typical IT project within the wider context of IT management, create appropriate standards and procedures and communicate the outline of the project effectively to a variety of stakeholders, discuss and critically evaluate the process.

2. Organize a typical IT project and decompose it into manageable components, systematically estimating the resource requirements and allocating tasks with due regard to risk and the available human and
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the project approval was not formally documented. Procument,communication,integration
3. there is no evidence that a proper project management process was followed.scope(all)
4. the PC and server hardware technical specifications were constantly being changed to suit new or added requirements.cost,communication,procument
5. requirements keep coming in from users almost daily where the GITS-ADC Team Lead keeps on accepting them without hesitation.communication,time,quality
6. there was redundancy of work performed as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) was done separately by each respective department and the Project Manager did not review and then consolidate those WBSs into one wholistic WBS.scope,communication,quality,time,
7. most of the team members have been focusing more on their daily operation support rather than tasks being assigned by the Project Manager or their respective Team,comm ,quality
8. tasks are performed without prioritising other dependent tasks.risk,time,quality,scope
9. IT assets acquisition and spending were through PROC Manager with suppliers without going through a proper tendering process.procument,comm
10. purchasing of IT assets without a proper tendering process has led to overrun by budget.procument,cost
11. the