PS. 68 Case Study

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This emergent writing project has been conducted using a kindergarten student at PS.68 The Port Richmond School for Visionary Learning. PS.68 is a brand new school, which opened last year; this school serves students in grades Pre-K through first. This community school serves a population of students, which mostly come from Spanish speaking homes. Although they have a small population of 150 students, more than 20 students receive services. English Language Learner students receive services in and out of the classroom from Mrs. Ferrero, the ESL teacher. The main languages of the English language learners in this school are Spanish and Chinese. The ESL teacher speaks Spanish, which helps the Spanish speaking ELL students feel comfortable. She uses her knowledge of the language to elicit language from the students while promoting English language acquisition through engaging lessons and activities. …show more content…
Prior to moving to the United States, he had no exposure to the English language or traditional schooling. Spanish is the only language that is spoken at home. It is important to know that Carlos speaks Spanish fluently. When working he is able to express his ideas in his native language, but struggles to do so in English. He often communicates in Spanish with Spanish speaking classmates and teachers. This is his first year in the school system, which can be hard to get adjusted to at first, but Carlos has made friends and has even shown some progress in his learning. He is motivated by the progress and knowledge of his Spanish friends in the class as they often translate and help each other with classroom tasks which has been vital to his English language