The Importance Of Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Any professional sports person caught using a performance enhancing substance should be banned from competition for as least two years, if not life. No exceptions

Performance enhancing drugs in sport has been a major issue in today’s society and has been discussed by the media many times on how it should be dealt with. Any professional sportsperson, so people who play sport to receive payment for their performance should definitely be banned when caught with performance enhancing drugs from 1 to 12 months. Professional sportsperson caught with drugs used deliberately that specificity enables them to perform better should be banned not common flu drugs and the ones prescribed by doctors. Professional sportsperson should be banned because they are taking away the true nature of the game by cheating, also setting a bad example to the younger generation who will play sport next, and by taking drugs it could cause health issues for them.

Sport is a game that originated from sweat and hard work and a persons ability to play. But with performance enhancing drugs it is at an unfair playing level for the athletes who train day and night, its like letting a student cheat while the others study and work hard in an exam, is that really fair? Like in the article Drivin to dope: Drugs in sport, Lance Armstrong was a winner he won many metals all by cheating, it was unfair for his opponents who worked hard and trained, so for those professional sportsperson who do drugs, it puts pressure on those who don't making them want to use performance enhancing drugs and soon all athletes will use it and the sport won't even be about the sport anymore but whose drug is better. Performance enhancing drugs defeats the whole purpose of the game and doesn't show the athletes true ability and if everyone is on the same level who would want to watch anymore? We should just ban the sportsperson who use performance enhancing drugs to avoid all sportsperson using drugs due to pressure.

The use of performance enhancing drugs and doping in sport will soon affect the younger generation who look up to the athletes and is looking at sport as their future career. Professional sportsperson are setting a bad example by doping for younger children who admire them and look up to them as role model. If athletes dope it can give children the wrong idea that doping is okay and they can do it as well. Therefore we should ban the athletes that use performance enhancing drugs to show children that using drugs is not okay and will result with consequences.

Performance enhancing drugs doesn't only allow them to have glory and fame of winning but also comes with a cost of risking future