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05 March 2015
Machiavelli ­
The Qualities of the Prince
Pre­reading Questions
1. According to Machiavelli, one must be skilled in warfare in order to keep ones state. He also praised that it is important for a prince to be fully immersed in the art of war, for when the price gives more thought on personal luxuries than to arms, he has lost his state.
2. Machiavelli quotes,“It is much safer to be feared than be loved when one of the two is to be lacking.”(227) However, Machiavelli encourages a prince to be both when dealing amongst people. For it may be safer to be feared than loved, but you should always aspire to be both.
Questions for Critical Thinking
1. Machiavelli expressed being both a lion and a fox in the time when needed. For to be a lion means to always act boldly and carry on with your word at all times which could then aid in the princes falling, where as a fox knows when to back away from traps, sneak around them, and examine its surroundings before action.
2. I agree that the majority of people are not good. The word good is thrown around a lot these days. What exactly is good? I believe that people are naturally greedy, selfish, and only look out after themselves. In a world where everyone is so judgmental and trying to one up each other with cars, clothes, and status; it goes without saying that the majority of the population on this earth is only interested in their own self worth. Our government assumes this to be false or so it attempts. You are innocent until proven guilty, although once founded guilty, you will always be a looked at as a criminal.
3. Machiavellis rules play in favor of every politician looking to stay in power today, We as people now are so far more advanced in technology that the principles that machiavelli's

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preaches in the prince doesn't have the same approach today as it did than. When it comes to war times are different. I believe that the majority of politicians must know the lay of the land, but it is the general's job to become fully immersed in warfare. In Machiavelli's time, the princes would fight in their own wars, One can not say the same for our generation today.
4. Machiavelli advice on stinginess and liberality still remains valuable advice now. I agree when aspiring to reach the top, having a generous reputation can serve you well. However, if one decides to go this route it is indeed much safer to get rid of that reputation on the rise to power.
5. Politicians today owe it to Machiavelli for their own success. For Machiavellis voice is the voice of truth. The rise to power is not all love and honesty, It is a game, and if one wishes to win, he must learn the rules and conquer the playing field with his knowledge and work ethic. I believe any successful leader, ruler, politician, and aspiring entrepreneur or employee can take
Machiavellis words with them in order to rise to the top of their craft.
Calendar Questions
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